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2 Ultimate Ways to Embellish Your Business with Custom Order Book

An order book lists used to record buyers’ and sellers’ interests. Moreover, it also identifies the market participant of buy and sell orders.


An order book lists buy and sell orders for security that are organized by price level. In addition, these books help you to improve market transparency as they provide information on price and trade depth. 

order book

Are you worried about where you buy these order books? Here’s a solution. The carbonless forms give you a variety of custom order books and we customize these books as your requirements.

We provide you with three parts of a business order book: Sell orders, buy orders, and order history.

  1. Buy order: Buy orders contain buyer data, including all the tenders, the amount they wish to purchase, and the asking price.
  2. Sell orders resemble buy orders.


Company details:

  • Logo of the company
  • Contact number if necessary
  • Name, Address and further information of the company 

General details:

  • Order number
  • Date

Product details:

  • Serial number
  • Brand name of the product
  • Quantity
  • Rate 

The types of order book can divide into three parts:

The Carbonless Forms Providing You with Different Types of Order Book:

  • Manual Order Book:

Moreover, numerous small companies write an order at any diary, plain paper or pad, etc. In addition, these are simple forms of order books with all specifications of product and quantity.

  • Printed Order Book:

The printed order books have two duplicates per page—one for customers and the second copy for their record.

  • Electronic Order Book:

Today companies and organizations start to note down orders in computers and laptops—order maintenance through excel sheets.

Sizes Of Order Book:

We have a variety of custom order books that you can use for your business purposes. In addition, there are different sizes of printed order books other than the standard level. You can choose 5.5″ x 8.5″ books in bulk. These are smaller than other popular dimensions like 8.5″ x 11″ and 12″ x 12″.

Order Book – Advantages:

An order book displays the buy and sells prices in real-time. It permits market participants to make experienced decisions with the order book.

What You Want to Know About Order Books:

Carbonless books have greatly improved the transparency of financial marketplaces. The sell and buy orders listed in a security orders book arrange by price. It can identify any significant imbalance in orders on either the buy or sell side.

WE Use Different Printing Options to Make Your Book Look Attractive:

Along with good material and unique designs, the attractiveness of the books is also vital. An order book must have a beautiful and eye-catching look and stunning covers that speak for the story itself.

Order Book – Uses: 

Furthermore, wholesale order book printing is a valuable instrument for traders and financial analysis. It provides instant and useful market pricing data over the recorded security. 

The Rank of Purchase Order Book in Consumers Market:

The purchase order book is a pad of individual 2-part carbonless order forms. When the forms of the order book are filled out, one copy retains for the buyer’s record; the other copy distributes to the seller. 

A customized printed purchase order book containing all the necessary information will make it easier for owners, managers, and staff. Furthermore, you can customize the purchase order book with your choice of options:

  •        Page selection 
  •        Full color or spot printing
  •        Soft or Hardcover
  •        Duplicate, triplicate, 4part or 5-part books

Components Of Order Book:

Moreover, it comprises various components that traders need to consider. It will benefit them to figure out how the book works and why it is compulsory. So, the essential features include:

Buyers and Sellers sides: The book keeps the record of market prices. So, the seller and buyer are the two primary participants.

Prices: An order book delivers value interest for sellers and buyers, the price they ask and the volume they offer.

Visualization: The order book approves a visual demonstration of how buyers and sellers interact in the marketplace. 

How To Use an Order Book?

A custom sales order book is a dynamic tool that updates the order information. For instance, the order book can fulfill following the demand and supply of the asset.

If you want to order a custom order book, Thecarbonlessform is the best company to provide you with the best order books. We have an experienced staff that fulfills your all requirements regarding custom order books.

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